SWADHYAYA SADHANA KENDRA was established in 2009. First it began with kids activities and projects for learning. Subsequently Swadhyaya aims to provide therapeutic, psychological and practical programmes which includes Music, Language, Yoga & Mental Health, Traditional & Cultural Training etc.

The projects within these planned for long term and initiated, designed with Phycologist/ Musician which provide therapeutic, psychological and practical programs also for the individuals. This will help people to develop the positive thinking,build a good relationship with the society and express their emotions in a proper way to bring about a good mental temperature and motional stability.

We wish to contribute our traditional/cultural studies also that enable people to develop in the inter cultural sectors.

Analysis provides understanding. A better understanding is obtained through the art of self educating. Educating oneself is an art because it provides an individual to go through different learning experiences.

SWADHYAYA SADHANA KENDRA is an experience oriented activity centre programmed to enhance productivity, handle stress, personal well being, develop the hidden talent and skill in an individual to enable a person to face the world with confidence (as each and everyone is unique), to deal with fear and conflicts, different and changing roles in life from childhood to old age.

We provides different varieties of programs which includes Music, Language, Yoga & Mental Health, Traditional & Cultural Training etc.


Music is a therapeutic, self-healing tool. It is a form of a spiritual energy which touches all living beings. Learning music with a goal to achieve this energy is essential. We provides you with this kind of feel while learning.

We offers Carnatic, Bhajans slokha classes for all age groups. Carnatic /Classical portions starts from basic to kirtans. Bhajans and Semi classical of different languages which even includes Thirupugazh, Sampradhaya Bhajans etc.

We conceptualize Slokhas in patterns along with the pooja Vidhanam such as Lakhmi Pooja, Lalitha Parameshwari Pooja(Sri Chakra Pooja), Ganapathi Pooja, etc apart from Sundara Kandam (slokhas- Valmiki), Vishnu Sahasranama, Lalitha Sahasranama, Abirami Andhadhi, Sasti Kavacham, Thirupaavai and many more.


Languages is an important tool for communication, building relations, expressing emotions etc. It is very important for everyone to know Our National Language (HINDI) and Common language (ENGLISH). Keeping in mind this, Swadhyaya offers individualized training in Hindi / English involving SPOKEN/READ/WRITE. Individual one to one attention and care given understanding the individual differences in learning. The methodology and duration varies between kids and adults.


A psychological approach along with yoga and spiritual disciplines irrespective of religion or culture is implemented. It is purely awakening the human mind which is surrounded by the fumes of stress, depression, anxiety, anger and other forms of emotional instability. We, in Swadhyaya, have designed a therapeutic, psychological and practical programmes for the individuals to bring about a good mental temperature and emotional stability.

Our programmes include - Breathing techiniques (Pranayama), Meditation, Yogasana, management of different emotions in a therapeutic approach, Different forms of relaxation therapies, one-to-one counseling on day to day problems, guidance on daily disciplines, Visualization & Guided Imagery techniques and many such.


Our activity centre for kids provide activities and projects for learning, skills and development, coupled with targeted tools for high quality implementation and follow – up. Our programs are designed keeping in mind the different skill developments such as cognitive, language, problem solving, memory and concentration, thinking skills, psychosocial development, emotional maturityand most importantly physical development. We basically aim to increase children’s motivation to build the literacy skills incorporating Yogasanas as well.

Our curriculum includes the following:

  • Communication skills (ENGLISH):  Story telling using true stories, literature, and hands –on activities to promote reading, listening & speaking , discussion and reflection to develop good communication skills.
  • Fun math games that reinforces basic skills, mental mathematics, familiarizing with usage of roman letters, tables, problem solving, pattern sensing, concentration and critical thinking.
  • Moral development activities which includes character building, mannerism, form values.
  • Social skill development which brings in children’s interest in social work like helping orphanage children, old age people and animals. This kind of community awareness program offers hands-on, participatory activities that involve kids in the process of inquiry, builds their confidence, and encourages them to think about pursuing non-beneficial work.
  • Multicultural music with free body movement for healthy expressions of feelings and emotions.
  • Yoga & physical development exercises to improve their mental and physical fitness.
  • Visualization techniques enabling thinking skills, imagination and learning to overcome obstacles.
  • Programs to develop the General knowledge in kids
  • Improving handwriting skill.
  • Games to improve memory and concentration and many more Brain Teasers.
  • Children an enjoyable learning experience


A diet discipline and pattern is essential for a healthy living condition. Adopting apt pattern of diet system relieves us from the clutches of mental and physical imbalance.Swadhyaya has formulated a diet chart meeting the nutritional requirements of the body in a manner of vegetarianism itself. A complete practical training on sathvic diet program along with recipies is given.


Indian Culture is unique, rich and diverse. Although the moving decades changes the lifestyle of an individual it is always important to keep in mind not to deviate from our rich heritage of culture which is a treasure to our mankind.

Swadhyaya presents a learning package of South Indian (Tamilian) tradition and culture with practical training sessions. It includes the Poojas, cookery, decoration and a complete knowledge of all our festivals with its significance . We have designed the package to meet the fast demands of ones daily life with the touch of our culture in a quick and simple method.


Swadhyaya Sadhana Kendra, an activity centre for Self-analysis and an unit of Sri Bhagwan Yogi RamsuratKumar Baktha Samaj, conducts a spiritual and psychological retreat called “AntharYoga”.


The word ‘Anthar yoga” is journey towards the inner self. The purpose of our existence as a human being is to realise the Real Self. It is essential for everyone to first build a positive energy within us which also circles us as a sheath. There is no escape from the cycle of birth and death which is related to the body but there is something called ‘thought’ (desires) which is being carried along with the soul. This forms its own causal body. Therefore its essential to purify the thoughts, detach our mind from the evil forces and develop a universal love , an approach of viewing all living beings alike.

Life is short, do not waste a single moment . No progress is possible without practise. We can overcome the obstacles / worries in life only if we are constantly in practise (sadhana) . Do not look for pleasure outside, one can never seek it, as it is nowhere out but within oneself. Swadhyaya Antharyoga workshop thus aims to help the practitioner (sadhaka) in this journey.

The topics for this retreat includes pranayama, asanas, meditation techniques, counselling and stress management, mental relaxation techniques, music therapy, self analysis through introspection, Bhagavad Gita in our everyday life, free body movements, diet patterns, daily life disciplines, humor therapy, fun filled games and much more.



Level 1








  • Sadhakas can be of any gender.
  • Sadhakas are requested to come happily and positive frame of mind into the class.
  • Please join the class only if you have a real interest and belief in the system of Self Analysis and Realizations
  • Maintain silence in the premises.
  • Sadhakas must follow the class timings precisely. Kindly arrive to the venue the previous night itself before 8pm. Or must come before 4:30am.
  • Previous day dinner, morning hot drink, breakfast, lunch shall be served. A complete sattvic diet pattern will be followed.
  • Comfortable and disciplined dress code must be followed. (preferably white kurta/pyjama)
  • Entry without enrolment are not permitted.
  • If you are unable to attend your class after enrolment kindly inform as soon as possible.
  • Once inside the premises kindly avoid loud speaking, speaking indecent words and the practise of other systems.
  • For enrolment or further details kindly call 94454 23445 / 97899 14875 or email us the duly filled in online enrolment form.

Contact Person : Mrs. Anuradha Bhagia, Psychologist


New No.35, K.M.N. Street,
Chennai – 600 028
Ph: 044-3255 0346 / 044-2464 2817 / 044-24642126 ,
Cell: +91 91760 61062 / 97899 14875/ 94454 23445.
Email: sriraghavashram@yahoo.co.in

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