Sri Raghavashram is located in an hamlet village called Kolathur near Mambakkam between Vandalur-Kelambakkam connecting road. It is an ideal abode of Sadhana for spiritual seekers. The founder of the ashram is MatajiRajalakshmi, an ardent disciple of MahaSidhaPurush who lived with us in this century Yogi Ramsuratkumar,Thiruvanamalai has selflessly dedicated herself in service to society.

Temple for Yogi Ramsuratkumar in Chennai: Guru Maharaj in the bliss of Ram Nam along with Him gracefully blesses and gratifies the wishes of the Bhakthas here.

PanchavadiGosala: One of the main activities is Gosamrakshana, rescue and shelter lives of the abandoned cattles from slaughter.

Ram Nam Mandir: Ram Nam Prachar/Biksha motivating people to engage in writing of Ram Nam as a regular discipline. This is done by way of free distribution of sheets to write Ramnam and they are collected back for installation in our Ram Nam Mandir exclusively built for it.

Sabari Gurukulam: As children are our future citizens, we focus in imbibing in them our Sanadhana Dharma, Veda, Vedanta and Shree Dharma. Sabari Gurukulam also works towards upliftment of educational quality by taking special classes for the rural children.

Annadhaan:Sri Raghavashram, a charitable non-profit organization is involved in social, community, spiritual upliftment with the grace of Sadguru Yogiramsuratkumar. In our projects, Guruvaar Annadhaan, i.e., a sacred tradition of offering of food on Thursdays, an auspicious day for all forms of guru , Amavasya (New Moon Day) and Purnima (Full Moon Day) is being done. This is done based on the sponsorships of devotees on important occasions such as a birthdays, anniversaries or any other day of their choice. An opportunity to offer Annadhaan is to be a part of our endeavor to serve the community for its joy, health and wellbeing.

Service to the children of God is Service to God Himself.



"Antharyoga" a spiritual and psychological retreat / workshop at Sri Raghavashram. Enroll soon.


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